Another CSA delivery day and another bin of awesome produce from Orchard Hill Farm.  As we move forward with the summer we hope to provide a page on the blog with pictures of the various fruits, veggies and herbs so that you can more easily identify what it is you got in your bin.

This week we once again picked some extra fresh strawberries. It was fun to pick the berries and to see the farm. Last week Shaun and Tom went to the farm and did the picking but this week Michelle and I got to do all the work. I have been to the farm a few times before but had never seen all of it. It was amazing to see the fields and see all the plants growing.  Here is Michelle working hard and picking berries.


This weeks basket features:
-2 quarts of strawberries
-head lettuce
-mesclun mix
-8 carrots
-2 kohlrabi


-8 green onions
-2 garlic scapes


-herbs: French tarragon, oregano and dill


We know herbs are something that people have a hard time knowing what to use them for so we thought we would share a few ideas and how we use them. We use our dill on fish and in salads (either in the dressing or just chopped on top). Oregano can be used in tomato sauces and with meats. Tarragon is a new one for us but a quick bit if Internet research says it pairs well with eggs, chicken and fish and can be used in salad dressings. We look forward to exploring this spice more this week.

The other new thing in our CSA bins this week is kohlrabi. Some got red kohlrabi (which is actually purple) and others got green. So if yours doesn’t look like the picture I included above do not be afraid.  We have never had kohlrabi so for us this is a new adventure. Since getting the list of what to expect throughout the summer I have been trying to find ways to use this mystery vegetable. Here are a few recipes I have found that we might try:
-Kohlrabi, Beet and Apple Salad

Sliced and Raw Kohlrabi  (they say it tastes sort of like apples just not as sweet….it’s intriguing)

Kohlrabi and Chicken Salad

Butter-Poached Kohlrabi

We look forward to hearing how you used this weeks produce!!