As I have said in previous blog posts, each week we buy a whole chicken and cook it early in the week (usually Sunday) and have leftovers for lunches and use the bones to make stock. Today we are using both leftover chicken and stock to make our meals. I love being able to use leftovers and to know that food isn’t going to waste. Since doing weekly meal plans we have noticed a difference in the amount of money we spend each week and the little amount of food that does get wasted, if any. Everything we buy is for a purpose and is used for that purpose.


For breakfast today we made paleo banana pancakes and bacon. I can’t remember where we found the original recipe these are based on but we will post what we use as a recipe in the near future. We also used some Oxford Honey (we used creamed cinnamon but liquid is yummy too) on top of the pancakes. Tom may have gone a little overboard on the honey (as you can see in the picture) and he was on quite the sugar high after breakfast (which is kind of good since he had to go out to Orchard Hill Farm and pick up our CSA produce for the week.


Chicken lettuce wraps, with cucumber, tomato, orange peppers, hot peppers, and radishes and fresh dill both from our CSA bin.


These lettuce wraps are hard to make pretty for pictures but taste phenomenal. It can be very hard to get the lettuce leaves off in one piece so it takes some time to get used to slowly working it off one at a time.


For dinner tonight we had pulled pork seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, cumin, chili powder, and thyme and cooked in chicken stock in our slow cooker. We served it with zucchini fried in coconut oil and boiled potatoes and green onions (from our CSA bin). Because I am addicted to Parmesan cheese, I grated some over all of it.


Another day of meals done! Tomorrow we will be using left over pulled pork.