Since we have changed our diet to be wheat free and free of most processed foods, it has been a fun challenge to find fun and creative ways to prepare foods.  We both love to eat and love trying new things so we like to see what we can come up with.  While Tom is able to throw things together, I prefer to stick to a recipe I find and make adaptations if needed.

Lately we have been buying a whole chicken each Saturday at the market and we cook it on Sunday or Monday. We eat the breasts for dinner that night and then have the leftovers for salads or lettuce wraps throughout the week.  This time I was in charge and was excited to try a recipe I had found in my Today’s Parent magazine (January 2013).  The recipe can be found here:

I followed this recipe pretty much as is, except we didn’t roast the head of garlic. One thing I have been doing with our chicken lately is cooking it breast down in the juices for the first half hour with a lid on and then flipping it over without a lid for the last half hour.  I think it helps the chicken stay moist.  We have also started using a meat thermometer. This has made us not second guess ourselves and cut the chicken open to see if its ready or not which always seems to dry it out.

I didn’t get any pictures of our final product but this recipe gets two thumbs up from all of us. We served it with beets, sweet potatoes and carrots, which I roasted in olive oil with fresh rosemary. This will be on our menu plan again in the future!