A big reason we started Healthy Connections was because we wanted to help others get rid of excuses that stop them from eating and being healthy.  A great obstacle to many is cost.  It’s so bizarre to me that the most natural foods are the most expensive.  We can buy prepared foods much cheaper but most of it is not overly healthy.  So many people want to eat fresh, local and organic food but it’s not possible.

We are so please to be in partnership with Orchard Hill Farm in bring fresh, local and organic produce to London. Orchard Hill Farms runs Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This means that each year they use their knowledge to grow food for their known customers. Ken and Martha are amazing people who know what they are doing and are out to meet and exceed their customers expectations. One neat thing about their farm is that they use work horses to do a lot of the work. –

Normally buying a CSA share would mean you have to drive out to their farm each week, package your produce, and pick some select items yourself.  We are taking this work out of your hands and delivering produce right to your door for 20 weeks from mid May to Thanksgiving! Each week you can expect a bin full of fresh produce. Some weeks there will even be fresh picked berries and fresh cut flowers to liven up your home.  The bin is enough for two adults who regularly eat at home or a family with small children.

The cost of a share is $38 per week for 20 weeks making a total share price of $760. We have a few payment options to choose from.

Option 1
$160.00 Non-Refundable Deposit made with application to hold purchase of CSA Share
Post-Dated Cheques
$300.00 payment on June 1, 2013
$300.00 payment on August 1, 2013
TOTAL= $760.00

Option 2
$160.00 Non-Refundable Deposit made with application to hold purchase of CSA Share

Post-dated Cheques

$100.00 Payment on the first of each month from May-October, 2013


If you are interested in a share please contact either Tom or Shaun at:

Tom (519) 636-1044    tom@healthyconnectionslondon.ca

Shaun  (519) 670-3450   shaun@healthyconnectionslondon.ca